Information about COVID-19 from the properties management

Information about COVID-19 from the properties management

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

All of Europe is currently suffering from an intense second wave of corona infections. Unfortunately, the number of infections has also increased enormously in Austria. In order to counteract this development and not to leave our health system - especially  intensive care - the federal government decided on a second lockdown. The provisions in the COVID169 Emergency Measures Ordinance are regulated.

The following protective measures currently apply:
In principle, a distance of at least one meter must be kept from people who do not live in the same household. When entering public places in closed rooms, this distance and, in addition, a close-fitting mechanical protective device covering the mouth and nose area must be worn.

We would like to inform you that the indoor pool, sauna and bowling alley will be closed for the time being.
There is an information page of the WKO, which is updated daily:
It includes all important topics and questions on the subject of accommodation and leisure, as well as measures in the event of infection.

We ask all owners to inform themselves about the current Corona regulations in Austria in order to avoid penalties that may arise due to disregard of the legal regulations.
For further questions we are happy to help you.

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